SM-20 by Puntel

The SM-20 is a multipurpose hydraulic drilling rig. Its modular design is engineered for the execution of micropiles, tie-backs, anchors, jet-grouting, drains, water wells. The rig is fitted with a proportional hydraulic system that makes drilling operations smooth and precise, even in the most difficult operating conditions.

The modular design of the SM-20
The stroke of the drilling rig can be varied from 7200 to 10200 mm (and vice versa) with a simple mast extension (or reduction) kit with hydraulic pipe rack. Various systems for the mechanical loading of the drilling rods are available with depths that range from 18 to 45 m for both vertical and inclined drilling of anchors or tie-backs. The particular kinematic mechanism with a 90° joint lets you drill anchors and tie-backs with the rotary drilling over the mast. This particular condition lets you reduce the mechanical consumption and friction and, in particular, work in total safety. The clamp/joint-breaker, thanks to a lifting system fitted with a hydraulic piston with a 600 mm stroke lets you extract the casings.

technical data
Boom articulation type combinated
Rated engine power kW 129
Standard cradle stroke mm 7200
Max hoist kN 83
Max feed force kN 83
Max Torque daNm 2160
Clamping range mm 60-420
Track shoe width mm 500
Weight t 20-22
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