The ST-20 tunnelling rig is ideal for sub-horizontal consolidation in tunnels with a work radius of between 1512 mm and 4696 mm (with the drilling mast horizontal at 0°). The useful stroke of the rotary allows treatments of up to 14 m (16 with the optional extension).
The drilling mast can be folded in at both ends, reducing the overall dimensions, to make the rig easier to transport both underground and on the road at the end of the job.

The machine has two motors (diesel and electric) of a suitable size for each single motor to perform all the drilling, traversing and positioning operations of the crawler.

The following drilling techniques can be applied using the ST-20:
- Rotation (with or without casing)
- Rotopercussion by means of Top Hammer (with or without casing)
- Rotopercussion by means of Down the Hole Hammer (with Tubex, Odex or Simmetrix superjews system)

technical data
Working radius at 0° mm 1700 ÷ 4696
H max from ground level at 0° mm 6196
Rated engine power kW 123 + (90)
Feed stroke mm 14200
Max hoist kN 67
Max torque daNm 1350
Clamping range mm 60-260
Track shoe width mm 400
Weight t 21
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