Controls and risks


Soilmec Spa’s Ethic Code is the same as the Trevi Group’s one and it points out all commitments and ethic responsibilities employees have to comply with when carrying out business and general company activities.

Considering what above, the Company strongly deems that ethic principles should pervade all its activities, since ethics is a prerequisite in order to achieve success; it’s a remarkably effective tool to promote the company image and, at the same time, it also represents a heritage of values that will never cease to inspire the company.

Bearing this in mind, Soilmec Spa decided to adopt this Code which, being aligned with all principles of fairness, loyalty and honesty already shared in the past by the company, is now destined to manage all its activities through the definition of behavioral prescriptions setting the main general principles of reference.


Soilmec Spa, always willing to ensure fair and clear conditions in the management of business and company activities and in conformity with the expectations of its own shareholders and with the work of its employees, has implemented the Form for the Organization, Management and Control (Law Decree 231/2001), in accordance with the Trevi Group’s company policy.

The adoption of said Model 231/2001, also in view of the issuing of the Ethic Code of the Group, was deemed as necessary in order to strengthen the acceptance of an organizational and functional behaviour that is fair and straightforward, in carrying out all working activities, and such as to prevent the risk of committing crimes and torts.

The company has drafted the Form with the aim of making its own organizational system complying with the requirements envisaged by the Law Decree 231/2011, in conformity with the principles already rooted in its governance culture and with the guidelines issued by Confindustria.