Large Diameter Piles


(LDP) Large Diameter Piles performed with telescopic kelly bar and drilling tool (auger, bucket, core barrell) is the most commonly used technology throughout the world, as it allows to drill piles in any type of soil or rock. Bored pile is a cast-in-place concrete pile where the bored piles have to be cast on job site.
The operating sequence includes the following steps: boring – generally using steel casing or stabilizing mud such as bentonite suspension – drilling and for uncased piles mud de-sanding. After these, reinforcement bar will be put into the bore hole and concrete will be poured into the bore hole.


• Telescopic kelly bar allows to perform very deep piles.
• Extensive range of drill tools, casings and other auxiliary equipment suited to any type of soil or rock.
• The large diameter bored piles are often applied in the execution of foundations of piles for bridges and viaducts in the water.
• Length and diameter can be readily varied to suit varying ground conditions.
• Large excavations and subsequent backfill are eliminated.
• Absence of vibration will not disturb adjacent piles or structures.
• Offer higher capacities with potentially better economics than driven piles.

Technical data

Pile diameter: 600 to 3500 mm depending on soil diameter and consistency.
Pile depth: 60 to 100 m depending on soil diameter and consistency.


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