A delegation of Japanese contractors visited the production plants at the Soilmec headquarters in Cesena

On 17 October 2019, a delegation of Japanese contractors accompanied by the representative of Soilmec Japan, Mr. Testuo Kesen, visited the production plants at the Soilmec headquarters in Cesena, in order to gain a full understanding of hydromills and the technological solutions offered by Soilmec.

During the visit, it was possible to view a SC-135 Tiger, which was ready to be delivered to a major Chinese customer, and a SC-130 Cougar.

The product technical managers explained the many advantages introduced in the Soilmec hydromills to the guests.

The Japanese delegation was deeply impressed by the technological innovations and technical solutions that cut maintenance times and by the presence of a double hydraulic circuit that prevents damage to the base machine in the event of contamination by bentonite mud.

The Head of Delegation commented: "Once again, we admire the Italian inventiveness in your products, which allows finding engineering solutions aimed at increasing the productivity of the rig and reduce maintenance time".

On the same day, the TTMJ (Tension Track Milled Joint) technology was presented; in this regard, the Trevi Group is a team leader in a European project for new technologies.

The TTMJ technology makes it possible to create joints between the panels of a diaphragm wall, hence resulting in excellent hydraulic sealing.

The day ended with the presentation of the SR125/SR145 platform and a short introduction to the technology of displacement piles with TCT tools (patented by Soilmec).

Before leaving, delegation members wanted to underline once again their satisfaction with the very high degree of engineering solutions adopted by Soilmec and pointed out that Soilmec equipment enjoys a particularly refined design that makes it a reference product on the world market.