A SR-90 for the Flanders’s Ave Interchange in Calgary

Doublestar Drilling was responsible for supply and install of 26 piles between the East and West Abutments of the Flanders Ave Interchange which crosses over a major highway, Crowchild Trail.

The piles were 1200mm in diameter, and between 16 and 27m deep. Doublestar used a Soilmec SR-90 drill rig equipped with segmental casing to avoid soil loss during pile installation. Due to the site location on the shoulder and in the middle of Crowchild Trail, Doublestar assisted with the traffic control by scheduling a night shift to minimize the road disturbance. Another challenge was the congested work site.

While pouring a pile there was the SR-90 drill rig, rebar cages, concrete pump truck, concrete truck, and wheel loader, all on site at the same time in the middle of the night with traffic flowing on both sides. Coordination between WestPro (general contractor) and Doublestar was essential for overall safety and productivity of the crews on the ground and the motorists passing by. In the end the piles were completed with no incidents, on schedule, and on budget.