Bauma 2016: the New SC-120 Heavy Duty Crawler Crane

At Bauma 2016, Soilmec will exhibit the new SC-120 HD, a Heavy Duty cycle crawler crane equipped with a hydraulic rotary SA-40 for large-diameter bored piling. The SC-120 HD is Soilmec’s new and improved successor to our proven and popular SC-120.

Overall performance is improved, thanks to a new power pack, the use of closed circuit pumps, and an advance generation DMS control system that monitors the state of the machine and offers a dedicated software package for each technology.

The SC-120 HD is equipped with a CAT C18 engine (630 HP at 1800 rpm) available in two models: compliant with US EPA Tier 4f and Tier 3. The SC-120 HD frame is robust for heavy-duty operations, while also being easily transportable with a transport weight under 48 t and a transport width of 3.5 m.

A dedicated Power Module Control System ensures that the diesel engine and hydraulic pumps work at their most efficient and productive levels.

Like all SC series, the SC-120 HD includes the Soilmec H-Cab, the industry’s most innovative cab for operator safety, comfort, and ergonomics.

The SC-120 HD equipped with a SA-40 attachment is the biggest hydraulic rotary rig produced by Soilmec, providing 413 kNm nominal torque and 250 kN crowd force capacity powered by the hydraulics of the base machine and is available to perform piles with a diameter up to a 4 m and a depth up to 106 m.

The benefits of the SC-120 HD with the SA-40 have been demonstrated. At one job site, a SC-120 HD drilled 3-m-diameter piles to a depth of 80 m.

The SC-120 HD can also be used for several other deep foundation applications, in conjunction with a diaphragm wall grab, casing oscillator, dynamic soil compaction, clamshell, or dragline.