Bauma 2016: welcome to the new Blue

Soilmec customer and visitor response this year at Bauma in Munich has simply been outstanding. Our people were delighted with the quality and variety of the equipment on show and the exhibition project itself. Good business was the result.

Bauma 2016 was an opportunity for Soilmec to emphasize its vision: Experiencing the Soilmec Solution. The decision was therefore to present new models with the most advanced technologies.

Bauma was the occasion to highlight the recent new “Blue” generation rigs. Based on the experience and success of the first generation, the new machines have been designed to improve their productivity and operating flexibility to an ever higher degree, in addition to the operator comfort and safety.

The reason why Soilmec presented all of this in a single event is because Bauma in Munich is the most attractive fair for all our worldwide customers, who visit to receive information about our recent implementation and innovation within the field.

Soilmec is already working on the next Bauma exhibition, a special 2019 edition to celebrate the occasion of the 50th anniversary.

Bauma 2016 in figures:
Soilmec exhibiting area was almost 2800 m2, equivalent to 11 tennis courts
Soilmec booth was almost 900 m2, equivalent to 2 basketball courts
Equipment on display had a total weight of over 800 tonnes, equivalent to 6 adult blue whales
Soilmec used 95 trucks to transport the machines, the length of the Brooklyn Bridge when measured in metres
Soilmec served more than 4000 coffees, the equivalent of 160 litres
Soilmec served almost 1800 lunches, more than 250 per day
More than 400 customers, from 30 different countries all round the world, came and visited Soilmec.