Boosted the main winch for very deep piles

With the drilling rigs of the SR-HIT line, all drilling methods can be executed with an easy conversion while maintaining the highest technology performance.

The new hydraulic rigs have been designed for challenging drilling operations assuring the best weight-to-performance ratio. When we have to face very deep piles the tool diameter becomes increasingly important. Because of its gross weight, we’re often forced to choose small diameter augers or very low buckets which have a negative impact on our daily production.

To avoid this problem all the SR-HIT over the 100 tons can be fitted with an optional boosted main winch: the SW470.

The SW470 has an increased pulling force value of 12% and a special drum, generously sized, capable of wrapping the entire rope in a single layer. The winch enables the use of large diameter tools with deep piles and the single layer drum provides uniform pulling capacity and extended rope working life.

Additionally, the winch is completely independent and can be mounted even in presence of the standard main winch by simply changing the hydraulic connections. The winch is installed on top of the upper carriage, above the counterweight, and it comes complete with support frame, catwalk, and handrails to guarantee easy and safe maintenance operations.