COVID-19: the Trevi Group has activated all the necessary precautions to allow the smooth running of its business.

From its outset, the Trevi Group has made a specific commitment: working with the people and for the people. A value that rises to a command in a delicate moment such as the one we are experiencing and that has led us to promptly and scrupulously apply the regulations and recommendations issued by national and international institutions on Covid-19.

Before the new Italian Government Decree No.9 dated 9 March 2020 came into force and with reference to the original Italian Government Decree No.8 dated 8 March 2020, which extended the restrictions addressed to some areas of Northern Italy to throughout Italy, with the aim of containing COVID-19, the Trevi Group had already taken action in advance.

This communication is important and necessary in order to clarify the uncontrolled, and not so sporadic, rumours about hypothetical "mass quarantines" applied to the whole of northern Italy.

For our part, we can confirm that the business continuity of the Italian and foreign companies of the Trevi Group, that is of the Trevi and Soilmec Divisions, is not currently jeopardized.

This is the current situation:

- the Trevi Group has already adopted, is implementing and continuing to implement all the countermeasures recommended by the World Health Organization, the National and Regional Observatory, as well as the rules and recommendations of the Italian Government;

- Our offices, business units, plants and branches in Italy and worldwide are working regularly without any interruption caused by unavailability of the material or the workforce;

- There are no limitations or restrictions on shipments of material from any city, region or country;

- We have promoted and organized Smart Work for those jobs that do not necessarily require office presence;

- As for jobs that require a mandatory physical presence (e.g. blue collar workers), we actually have no limitation or restriction on having people at work (but, as mentioned above, we apply all the rules and possible recommendations);

- In accordance with the recommendations of our Government, we have limited all business travel and meetings with strictly indispensable and irrevocable people, to protect the health of our employees and our interlocutors;

- The decrees of the Italian Government dated 8 and 9 March 2020, although affecting our lifestyles and social habits, do not alter business continuity.

At present, we are confident that all the measures taken by our company will allow us to carry out the commercial activities regularly and, for the peace of mind of all stakeholders, we will regularly publish news on our website and LinkedIn page, describing the current situation and each relevant update in a transparent way.

Finally, in case of doubts or concerns, we invite you to contact the Trevi Group and its local organizations directly.

We have always been used to facing complicated and difficult challenges. Also in this case we are ready to do our part in compliance with the laws,  thereby respecting our customers, suppliers and colleagues.

Have a good day,


Giuseppe Caselli

CEO - Trevi Group