Geometry matters.

The innovative design of the new SR-65 is also appreciable for the attention paid to many details that ease the daily use of the drilling rig, especially when there are external constraints to be respected in the execution of the works.

No matter whether these constraints are environmental, time or geometric, because the SR-65 is capable of responding to all these needs, accepting all the challenges entailed by the modern world of foundations.

Noise is one of these environmental constraints, but – thanks to the incredible guaranteed emission value of just 105dB - the SR-65 is the quietest rig in its market segment.

Time constraints are those that most affect the profitability of the works. Talking about increased productivity has now become an imperative need for the customer.

Soilmec, a leader in the production of foundations rigs for over 50 years, meets this request with the SR-65, adopting a powerful motorization and optimization of the plants by which this power is then transferred to the tool with the best possible efficiency, ensuring the reliability of the product on site.

Geometric constraints are just as important.

Its design is a fundamental feature for the versatility of the drilling rig, since it allows a quick conversion into the LHR version, in order to operate below 7.5m in height and be able to re-configure in normal conditions in almost no time, to reach a depth of 77m with kelly, or to drive 26m diam CFA piles or cased piles with casing elements up to 6m in length, for piles up to 36m. This paves the way for an invested capital that can be always configured, at any time, to meet the needs of the most demanding sites, and therefore it can increase the utilization rates of the rig to levels never reached before.

The demand for reduced dimensions in construction sites is increasing more and more, so what would you say if the new SR-65 had the same footprint as an SR-45? Based on the stability requirements imposed by current European regulations, Soilmec has succeeded in producing a rig capable of operating under extreme conditions, with a clever mix of an extended undercarriage and balancing obtained with a compact counterweight. The space occupied by these rigs, considering the volume generated with the rotations turrets, is the same. Therefore, in the space occupied by an SR-45, it is possible to operate with a much larger and more powerful rig that can perform very deep drilling works in order to guarantee the sustainability of your achievements. SR-65 is this and so much more.


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