New Hydromill SC-135 HD Tiger

Everywhere the diaphragm wall market is moving to higher and higher targets in terms of depth and verticality control. Metro stations, new foundations for residential and commercial areas, port and dam construction and refurbishing are the most important projects in this scenario. Hydromill technology allows the construction of diaphragm wall in a variety of soil conditions, guaranteeing the most accurate level of verticality control at drilling depth, which was previously unattainable.

The new SC-135 HD Tiger is designed to perfectly suit the job site, allowing operation in a wide range of working radius and module rotations. The equipment features several improvements, especially in terms of safety and oil contamination, which are the result of years of drilling experience. This equipment encompasses all the best ideas put forward by job site experts who use the hydromill daily to improve control, performance and reliability.

One feature includes a patented hydraulic system dedicated for cutting module and base machines with the filters installed directly on the main lines to avoid any possible breakdown due to bentonite contamination. The hydraulic swivel for +/-90° module rotation, the high power new Cat C27 Diesel engine and different winders design solutions are suitable for job sites up to 150 m depth, and guarantees the highest performances in various conditions. The high depth vertical sensor, the independent mobile and the DMS on board complete with the 3D graphic print out panel options means verticality control as never before.

The SC-135 HD Tiger presents a new safe anti-falling system, handrails and ladders, lashing points, remote control boards and reduced speed mode in order to carry out the main assembly/disassembly operations and maintenance procedures in safe conditions. Lastly, this equipment has been designed for a modular assembly, with a max transportation weight of 45 t.


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