Soilmec ADV rigs, all possibilities in a single machine.

The Advanced line rigs, with the two models SR-45 and SR-75, can be configured for different foundation technologies: LDP, CFA, CAP/CSP, LHR, DP, DTH, and TJ. These machines enrich Soilmec’s "Solution Provider" concept: ensuring the best products and technologies to fulfill customer needs for differing soil conditions and competitive construction markets.

The use of pile foundations is increasing day by day, especially in emerging and developing countries due to the necessity to build multi-story buildings and new infrastructure where the bearing capacity of the surface soil is low and load must be transferred to deeper layers with higher bearing capacity.

Due to this demand for piles and varying designs for projects, many improvements have been made in piles technology and today there are many different techniques for pile installation. This has led Soilmec, and originator of the multipurpose drilling rig, to incorporate truly innovative conversion kits plus electronic monitoring and control systems to enable a full range of geotechnical technologies to be performed with a single platform.

The SR-45 fully demonstrates the main feature of the new "Advanced" series: flexibility and ability to adapt the rig to different technologies. The SR-45 maybe equipped with kits that can perform the “classic” drilled bored piles, displacement piles, and ground improvement piles with Turbojet®.


SR-45 LDP in Cairo (Egypt)
SR-45 DTHH in Auckland (New Zealand)
SR-45 CFA in Bologna (Italy)
SR-45 Displacement Piles in Chiasso (Switzerland)
SR-45 Turbojet in Lancaster (United Kingdom)
SR-45 LHR on show at Bauma 2016 in Munich (Germany)
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