Soilmec Hydromills – New Trenching machines in CMRL

Soilmec has been successfully awarded the contract for supply of its latest version of Hydromill SC-130 HD Cougar Classic version for working at CMRL –ITD package.

Soilmec Hydromill are one of the latest Hydromills in the market today, completely IOT enabled and complete with 3 stage Bentonite segregation system which makes them one of the most efficient and successful Trenching machines presently available in the market.

This state of art Hydromill are being used for the 1st time in India by M/s. ITD Cementation India Limited in CMRL, Chennai where Chennai Metro is undergoing a massive expansion for a city of 10 million people located in the east cost of India close to the sea i.e. Bay of Bengal.

Many of the station where these Trenching machines are going to be used have very hard geology and is also located very close to the sea which makes the trenching activity extremely challenging. Soilmec, which comes with a rich experience, who have worked with similar machines in various parts of the world, will be having a special team of experts both in the maintenance and operation of the machine to make this project successful.

As a part of this project, in the month of June, a high profile team from ITD visited Soilmec headquarter, Cesena to undergo operational & maintenance training to familiarize themselves on the use of these machines. Also to make this operation smooth, 2 engineers from Soilmec India have undergone familiarization training to operate and maintain these machines in Italy in the month of July’2022

The entire Soilmec team along with Trevi Group takes this opportunity to wish Soilmec India and the entire team of Soilmec Italy all the success in their endeavor to present these machines successfully in CMRL.