Hydromills in Guangzhou

Soilmec hydromills for Guangzhou metro line renewal project

Soilmec hydromills for Guangzhou, China. Currently, four hydromills are at work in the capital and most populous city of the province of Guangdong, in southern China. The city is renewing its metro line and we are part of this ambitious project with our equipment working in the lines 18 and 22.

In Panyu Square station, one SC-135 Tiger and one SC-130 are executing diaphragm walls with 1,200mm thick and 32m deep panels: in 6 months, a 70,000 cubic metres wall has to be completed!

Two other SC-135 Tiger are in action for the Qifu ventilation shaft and the Shaxi station. The first one, located in the metro line 18, is performing a 15,000 cubic metres wall with a 2-month schedule. The other one, in a period of 6 months, has to complete a 100,000 cubic metres wall!

The SC-135 Tiger stands out for the high power available in the cutting motors in every environmental condition and for the technological solutions to protect the base machine from bentonite contamination.

Our customer, Guangzhou Xinqiao Construction, is very satisfied of the productivity of our hydromills, that are overcoming different challenges and showing a high level of versatility... For instance, using the SC-135 Tiger, unlike the competitors, he doesn't need chisel even with hard soil, like in Panyu Square station.


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