The "Blue line" has been conceived to meet the requests of the ever-evolving foundation engineering market and improve the jobsite quality, safety, productivity and profitability. High Tech models combine the most specialised technology with flexibility of use.

A plug&play designing approach to enrich our core concept of "Solution Provider": the best products, technologies, support and service to meet any customer's needs.

Evolution, Advanced and High Technology models are the solution for any foundation project worldwide. Three product lines to satisfy the needs of our customers and ensure the highest return on investment.

The "Blue line" project is driven by efficiency, power, performance, flexibility and environment protection. The integrated study of mechanical, hydraulic, electric and electronic parts resulted in improved weight to power ratio of every new model in the range, thus drastically reducing fuel consumption.

New automatic control systems for the power delivered ensure the best torque value at the maximum rotation speed at the tool, which is always in mesh on the ground.