SR-45 for Edilsonda

Soilmec SR-45 for Edilsonda

Visiting a jobsite is a great experience for us at Soilmec, for many reasons. First, we get to witness the ability of our equipment to perform the desired jobs, as well as get direct feedback from crewmembers. However, the most important aspect is building the relation client-supplier and the effects these visits have on our equipment.

Some weeks ago, our reputable client Edilsonda and Mr. Denis Mea received us on one of their main jobsites where the Soilmec SR-45 is performing Large Diameter Piles. The foundation project comprises of piles of 600 millimetres diameter at 19 meters depth through marl soils with encrusted rock for the last five meters. As with every site, productivity is one of the main aspects and besides having a hard working team of highly specialized and dedicated people, the equipment plays a crucial role. In this particular case, the Soilmec SR-45 reached an average production of eight piles per day, which translates into one pile per hour, subsequently 0.32 meters per minute with all procedures included – marking, drilling, pouring, cage insertion and recording. Of course, these highly efficient production rates cannot be attributed to the SR-45 machine alone, but credit to Edilsonda’s experience in the Piling Industry.

In fact, Edilsonda has a long standing history of cooperation with the Soilmec team and ever since the start of our collaboration, they helped sculpting some of the successful products that we offer today. Some of the key improvements in the Continuous Flight Auger technology, Full Displacement Piles and the DMS 4.0 On-board have been made thanks to their suggestions. Besides the requirements we consistently receive from our sister company – Trevi, it is Contractors like Edilsonda that make us proud of our machinery.

We, at Soilmec, always strive to bring our products ever more in line with the current jobsite market requirements and consistently bring new ideas and features to our clients.

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