Soilmec, the "star" of Geofluid twentieth edition

The 20th edition of the Geofluid exhibition was held in Piacenza, Italy from 1 to 4 October, and had a specialized focus in the field of underground drilling fluids, geotechnical and special foundations, and tunneling.

The Soilmec stand, embellished for the event with a special "starry" look, attracted the interest of hundreds of visitors who could discuss their projects in the usual atmosphere of warm hospitality offered by the staff present at the fair. All of the traditional and potential customers, both national and international, were able to appreciate the completeness of products shown, from drilling rigs to tooling.

The new “Micropile & Water” division, formed by the merger of the Drillmec "water" and the Soilmec micropile divisions, presented two medium-sized hydraulic drilling rigs for micropile applications and one truck-mounted drilling rig for water wells. The SM-9, equipped with a down-the-hole (DTH) hammer, and the SM-14, set up in jet grouting mode, were on display showcasing the new Tier 4 diesel engine and radio control. The G-45 was on display complete with a Drillmec 8DS pump, configured in the version that recently had drilled the deepest water well in Ethiopia, a record depth of 600 m.

Ancillary equipment for both the mud and grout product lines were also on display, and were represented by two skid-mounted mixing plants, ET2 GI and GI ET4K, complete with self-priming Delta 120 centrifugal pumps (available in both electric and Diesel power pack versions) and with the innovative integrated plant SBT-30.34 for the preparation of the drilling mud.

The machine that received the greatest interest, the real "star" of this twentieth edition of the Geofluid exhibition, was the new SR-45, a hydraulic drilling rig for large diameter piles.

Characterized by an innovative, compact, and powerful design, the SR-45 maintains the characteristics of agility and handling that have made this Soilmec product segment the most appreciated in the world. Transportable with Kelly bar as a single load, the SR-45 was exhibited with the crowd cylinder version complete with the new Tier 4 motorization.

The SR-45 was particularly appreciated for its detailed manufacturing care, reduction in weight due to new fiberglass enclosure panels, simplified maintenance thanks to input from independent groups, easier access, and use of harnesses (adapted from the automotive industry). The extensive use of high-strength steel in the front portion of the drill made it possible to obtain high mechanical performance while reducing overall weight and size. Lastly, the spacious Soilmec H-Cab provides a high degree of comfort and safety.

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