New SR-65 EVO. Born Smart for High Performance

Soilmec revealed the all-new SR-65 EVO this month at the IFCEE 2018 show in Orlando, USA, heralding the next step in the medium-size rigs market. As with all the new "blue line" rigs, the latest SR-65 is inspired by the concept design which highlights simplified structures, smooth proportions, high performance and an array of futuristic details. The SR-65 is born to do its best in LDP segmental casing technology and very deep CFA piles, achieving these targets by using a compact structure, a heavily reworked geometry that features the smartest transport configuration, a new range of rotary head and updated electronic system. Soilmec's medium-size model will be more dynamic and stronger than its predecessors, according to insiders at the company’s headquarters in Cesena.

Alessandro Ditillo, Large Diameter Pile Product Line Manager: "The SR-65 EVO represented an ambitious challenge for our team of developers. This new product has in some way tested all our competencies and skills, since the goal was to make a real jewel of technology. The degree of innovation we reached during this project makes the SR-65 EVO, with all its features, a unique machine in the actual landscape of the equipment for foundation engineering. One feature above all: the SR-65 EVO can be transported with the kelly mounted on the machine, with a total weight under 65t and height under 3.5m. This is a ‘mission impossible’ that Soilmec developers’ team was able to complete with reduced size, compactness and state-of-the-art functionality. Power, rotary torque, minimal noise impact make this rig best-in-class in its segment. Rapidity, efficiency, transportability, power and control… These are all synonyms for Soilmec SR-65 EVO. It’s a clear distinction for all, state-of-the-art in the foundation technology, useful, easy and powerful or, in a few words, really innovative!".

Stefano Cordella, Sales Director: "The SR-65 EVO is a unique rig in its segment. Soilmec managed to coordinate as well as possible transportability, power and versatility. The machine can be moved with the kelly still mounted on: so, when it gets to the job site, it can start working in less than 30 minutes. In terms of torque, pull up and clearance, the SR-65 EVO ranks on top among the available options in the market and represents the ideal choice for the execution of the segmental casing technology. The modular mast engineered for this unit allows to set the machine in LHR configuration by simply removing the upper element thus reducing the overall height to just 8.5m. Soilmec believes that the SR-65 EVO is the best answer for all the contractors looking for performance and versatility."

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