SR-75 ADV Flexibility on top

The SR-75 continues to achieve success on construction job sites.

This model of the Advanced Soilmec Product line has been designed for different ground engineering technologies, with large use of modern materials and high-strength steel to combine less weight and high performances.

The SR-75 ADV provides cutting-edge rig control and remote monitoring with DMS and maintains the Soilmec distinguishing marks of self-assembly, versatility, and easy transportation.

The operational flexibility is one of the main distinctive features of the SR-75 and it is the result of the continuous research to offer solutions that can meet the global piling construction industry demands.

The last improvement has been dedicated to large diameter piles technology and consists of an additional set-up kit for long Kelly bar.

The kit is based on a 3,1 m long mast extension designed to be easily mounted in both rig pull-down version: cylinder or winch crowd system.

An additional 1,5 tons counterweight grants the rig stability.

This new kit allows the use of a 19,5 m long Kelly bar to increase the drilling depth up to 73,9 m with mechanical locking Kelly bar and 92,9 m with friction Kelly bar.

This solution also improves the productivity for segmental casing drilling system: with 3 m long casing it is possible to use a 15,5 m long Kelly bar; with 6 m long casing the Kelly bar can be 11,5 m long.


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