The new Soilmec auger cleaner, a revolution in CFA field

The revolving and openable auger cleaner (ROAC), patented by Soilmec, is a roller type cleaner with the special function to open itself in two part to allow the rotary to reach the lower position of the mast going beyond the cleaner itself.

The use of the ROAC allows to reach a bigger depth, usually 1 to 1.5 m more, compared to a standard rotating auger cleaner. The use of the ROAC is fully automatic, controlled by the operator from the cab, and does not require the presence of personnel.

It is known that in the CFA technology during the casting phase the auger is coming out full of spoil and for safety reasons it is necessary to clean it to avoid debris and soil to fall from above. The revolving and openable auger cleaner (ROAC) is closed during the drilling operations and behaves like a guide. When the rotary is very close to it, it is possible to open the ROAC allowing the rotary to reach the lower part of the mast.

Finished the drilling phase starts the casting phase and as soon as the rotary has passed the position of the ROAC it is possible to close it again. Now the auger is full of spoil and the ROAC start to work as a rotating cleaner.

The quality of the cleanliness of the auger is of fundamental importance in the field of personnel safety. The particular configuration of a closed drum that carries the debris downward with vertical and not horizontal trajectory, makes the cleaner particularly suited to construction sites in confined spaces.

The ROAC replaces two devices: a standard rotating auger cleaner and the openable guides. Moreover allows to reach greater depth if compared to a standard rotating auger cleaner. So this means more performance of the rig and a cheaper investment.

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