The new Tiger Plus SC-130 started working at the unique archeo-station “Stazione Venezia” of the Metro C

After a journey of 320 km starting from our factories in Cesena and 12 transports, 4 of which were exceptional, the SC-130 Tiger Plus finally arrived in Rome and began working at the “Stazione Venezia” of the Metro C, what will be the archaeological -most beautiful station in the world.

"This large innovative and sustainable machine which is the tangible example of where engineering and construction science can go”, has been commissioned by MetroC to Soilmec and will excavate the perimeter walls of the new museum station to the challenging depth of 85 m.

As Andrea Di Eugenio, Soilmec Head of Global Product Management & Service,  explains, "Hydromill machines are generally used for excavations with a depth that varies between 40 and 70 m, in this case it reaches up to 85 m, a record for Roman metro stations and a real engineering challenge, also considering the context in which it will have to operate!”.

One of the great complexities when dealing with construction sites in an urban setting is the limited surface area available: this is even more true in a city like Rome. To allow the construction of the future Piazza Venezia Station of Metro C, "colossal" special foundations are needed which require very large and powerful machinery to be built. The Soilmec SC 130 Tiger was designed with a compact design that guarantees high performance while maintaining a small footprint. Characterized by a tail radius of 5310 mm, the SC-130 Tiger is the ideal choice for those who have to carry out deep excavations in the centers of large metropolises.