#5, May 2017
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New Hydromill SC-135 HD Tiger

Everywhere the diaphragm wall market is moving to higher and higher targets in terms of depth and verticality control. Metro stations, new foundations for residential and commercial areas, port and dam construction and refurbishing are the most important projects in this scenario. Hydromill technology allows the construction of diaphragm wall in a variety of soil conditions, guaranteeing the most accurate level of verticality control at drilling depth, which was previously unattainable. The new SC-135 HD Tiger is designed to perfectly suit the job site, allowing operation in a wide range of working radius and module rotations. The equipment features several improvements, especially in terms of safety and oil contamination, which are the result of years of drilling experience.
This equipment encompasses all the best ideas put forward by job site experts who use the hydromill daily to improve control, performance and reliability.
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SC-135 HD Tiger in action on Galataport Project

The new SC-135 HD Tiger is involved in the ground foundation works of the Galataport project. The Istanbul Salipazari Port Area, commonly known as Galataport, has up to 1,200 meters of coastline and covers an area of approximately 100,000 square meters with a construction area of 151,66 square meters. Existing buildings will be harmoniously renovated, maintaining their authentic forms, but acquiring new functions.
The project involves the construction of a modern terminal for cruise ships, a promenade by the coastline that has been closed to public for nearly 200 years, the reconfiguration of Tophane square, the restoration of historical buildings and the redevelopment of the Salipazari section of the port area.
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