Drilling tools

Selecting the correct cutting tool is a complicate decision that any piling contractor will face on every job in order to complete it on time and, therefore, the use of an appropriate tool capable of achieving the overall expected productivity level is vital.

Soilmec has become a worldwide reference point based on over four decades of experience providing appropriate solutions in the underground engineering sector. Soilmec drilling tools are the results of years of research, investigation and innovation in the mechanical sector.

Collecting data from different jobsites, testing our tools in different soil conditions and studying the performance in environments varying from very soft soils to the most difficult geological conditions, understanding client’ needs and verifying performances, has positioned Soilmec as one of the most cost effective tools available on the market.

Soilmec can provide any kind of drilling tools for any soil and rock type:

- Bucket
- Augers
- Rock augers
- Underreamers
- Chisels
- Core barrels
Drilling Tools
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