The new SF-55 delivers the ideal combination of efficiency, smart working and compactness.

Since 1987 when the first CM-48 was produced in Cesena, Soilmec became a landmark for CFA dedicated machines. 

Today, after 3 further models and over 200 units sold, Soilmec launch the next generation of this dedicated CFA rigs.

The new SF-55

The main design elements and the technological innovations come together in this new machine. Increased performance, simplicity and reliability are the results of this new step ahead



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Technical data

Technical data

Max torque kNm 100
Weight t 37.2
Diesel engine kW 168
Extraction force kN 510
Main winch kN 102
Max auger extension m 6
Min. transport weight t 34.8


Max diameter (CFA) mm 900
Max depth (CFA) m 27