SC-135 HD


With the aim of meeting the need for increased diaphragm wall depth in the most challenging soil conditions, Soilmec has designed the “HDD” (Hose Drums Design) hydromill configuration. Hydraulic and mud winders are positioned on a base carrier, allowing high depth drilling performances.

The new SC-135 Tiger is designed for a perfect job site suitability, allowing to work in a wide range of working radius and module rotations. The equipment features several improvements, especially in terms of safety and oil contamination, which are the result of years of drilling experience.This equipment gathers together all the best ideas put forward by job site experts who use the hydromill daily:

  • A specially-designed hydraulic system aimed at avoiding any possible breakdown due to bentonite contamination
  • Easy and safe assembly
  • Best access solutions for maintenance
  • Highest productions performed by the new Tier4f 950 HP diesel engine
  • Hose drums and cathead layout optimized to work in several working radius and module orientations

The SC-135, complying with CE requests of EN16228, has been conceived to offer the best possible safety solutions. The equipment presents a new safe anti-falling system, handrails and ladders, lashing points, remote control boards and reduced speed mode in order to carry out the main assembly/disassembly operations and maintenance procedures in safe conditions.

Furthermore, this equipment has been designed for a modular assembly, with a max transportation weight of 45 t (106,000 lb).

The DMS (Drilling Mate System), developed by Soilmec and installed on all the products of the range, allows the real-time monitoring of all the operating parameters and of the production process, including a dual-axis positioning sensor (triple-axis version as optional) that controls the geometry of the panel with 2D and 3D graphics print out.

Technical data

Technical data

Weight t 135
Cutting depth m 100/120 (150*)
Diesel engine kW 653
External power pack kW -
Height m 26.5
Suggested milling unit SH-30 / SH-40