The hydromill module is constituted by a heavy steel frame on which two milling drums and a centrifugal mud pump are mounted. In order to correct the module verticality deviation, 12 independent mobile flaps are positioned on the module surface.

Furthermore, a simultaneous or independent tilting plate can be installed as optional for the best verticality correction, especially in case of leaned layers of rock. All Soilmec modules are set with a 2D or 3D sensor developed for the module positioning control, which is managed by the Hydromill DMS.

Soilmec has designed all its modules with a rotation system conceived for T-panel execution or for other module orientations. This specific feature gives the possibility to facilitate the job site operations, leading to a reduction in terms of cost and time.

The 40 t class module is suggested for medium-high depth projects. Its body length and weight guarantee a high verticality level and panel dimensions up to 3200x1800 mm. The high torque cutting unit (up to 153 kNm) can be installed.

The module rotation system is included as a standard.

Technical data

Technical data

Weight t 40
Body lenght m 13
Indipendent mobile flaps Standard
Module rotation system for T panel Standard
Panel thickness mm 800/1800
Panel width mm 2800/3200
Cutting unit torque ranges kNm 78/153
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