SM-13e Etech

The brand new SM-13e E tech Zero Emission

The SM-13e is the novelty of the Soilmec rigs range.

It is the first electric drilling machine, evolving that path started decades ago, with the advent of the first electric motorized rigs for internal environments and in tunnels (ST-20, ST -60, SM-5E etc ..).

Indeed the SM-13e has not a simply "engine replacement" by connecting  the machine to an electric power cable. 

Engine, rotary and crowd system operates thanks to permanent magnet electric motors feeded by lithium batteries, alternatives to cable power supplies, and fitted with control inverters. 

The SM-13e represents the first step in the development of a whole range of electrified  Soilmec machines, which we call zero Emission of the E-TECH line.


  • Less environmental pollution due to the electric power supply: higher efficiency, lower noise, lower CO2 and GHG emissions, real green.


  • Higher efficiency of the electric power supply guarantees a reduction in operating costs by up to 56 %


  • Tech specs comparable or even better than diesel rigs in the same class 

  • Speed, Force, Torque measurements (Drilling energy KPI)

  • Torque booster & High torque available

  • High effective power on the tool and improved productivity


  • Permanent Magnet Motors: #4 units, same type. Boost mode & Instant torque will reduce the possibility to get stuck in the hole. Slow speed control for jet grouting technology

  • Battery recharging: Fast charging in 1 hour and 40’ using an external charging station and On-board battery charging in 4 hours

  • Battery Management System: BMS is drawn under Soilmec specification for drilling application c/w 3 operative modes: Normal, Eco (elongated battery life), and Boost (increased performances)


  • Plug-in version: for a cheaper solution and 24/24h working solution

  • Full Battery version: for a 24/24h working solution and any need to manage a cable

  • Standard Battery version: for a 16/24h working solution and any need to manage a cable, less investment cost is required (compared to the full battery)

  • Plug-in and battery connections: all the advantages in the SM13e


  • Cable check

  • Safety pin

  • Insulating screen

  • Not-operative mode

  • Cable protection

  • Fire protection

  • Energy cut-off

  • Short circuit protection

  • Battery isolator

  • Temperature control

Technical data

Technical data

Electric motors Nr 4
Weight t 13,8
Boom articulation type Combinated
Clamping range mm 50-320/60-415
Max hoist kN 96
Max Torque daNm 1760
Track shoe width mm 400
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