The brand new SM-15 is a compact and versatile machine.

Its design ensures rapid conversions through specific kits to get a variety of versions to be used in many kinds of drilling applications.

The SM-15 guarantees the best performance and stability in any position through a variety of movements and mast inclinations.

It's equipped with with a compact advanced Diesel Engine for optimum performances while reducing fuel consuption.

The SM-15 is particulary suitable in urban construction sites and in confined spaces in general.


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Technical data

Technical data

Diesel engine T3/Stage V kW 142/123
Weight t 16
Boom articulation type 3 different options
Clamping range mm 50-315/60-415
Feed stroke mm 4000-7000
Max feed force kN 121
Max hoist kN 121
Max Torque daNm 1207-3390