SM-16GT responds to the demand of geothermal systems drilling between 100 and 250 metres.
The equipment's characteristics mean it can satisfy 70% of demand from the low-enthalpy geothermal sector. The compact drilling rig has a rubber tracked, 2300 mm-wide carriage and very low ground bearing pressure (0.65 Kg/cm2), thereby minimising damage to private property (gardens and courtyards) where domestic geothermal energy is used.

The drilling rig is equipped with fixed kinematic mechanism with a wide section mast, half-cylinder pull/push and a 19.5 ton pull capacity and 9.8 ton push power.

The rig is designed for rapid manoeuvring (0.2÷0,6 m/sec) and has a 200 kW, 2400 rpm diesel engine adapted to power the double rotary (upper 1100 daNm - bottom 3200 daNm), triple clamp and magnetic loading system to simultaneously manoeuvre rods/casings.

To keep weight to a minimum the drilling rig is not fitted with heavy and bulky casing/rod storage and is instead accompanied by an autonomous motorised rack system during operation.

Technical data

Technical data

Weight t 15-17
Clamping range mm 60-320
Diesel engine kW 176
Lower rotary max torque daNm 3200
Max feed force kN 135
Max hoist kN 200
Standard cradle stroke mm 4000
Track shoe width mm 400
Upper rotary max torque daNm 1100
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