The ST-120 tunnelling rig is the top of the Soilmec tunnelling range.
Designed for the consolidation of large section tunnels it can be used for treatments up to a maximum of 21000 mm in one pass and 24000 mm with matching chuck. Heights of 10100 mm can be reached at the heading with the arms perfectly horizontal at 0°.

The main feature of the ST-120 positioner is the geometry of the two cradles that house the system of sliding blocks and telescopic arms, letting you work far from the face to consolidate (12000 mm) guaranteeing the greatest safety in operations underground. Furthermore, each of the single drilling arms is fully independent, driven by two separated power and remote control units.

The weight of the rig in operational layout, depending on the optional devices fitted and the configuration used, is between 110 and 120 tonnes.

The following drilling techniques can be applied using the ST-120:
- Rotation (with or without casing)
- Rotopercussion by means of Top Hammer (with or without casing)
- Rotopercussion by means of Down the Hole Hammer (with Tubex system or without casing) 

Technical data

Technical data

Diesel engine kW 164 + (2x90)
Weight t 119
Working radius at 0° mm 3600 ÷ 6600
H max from ground level at 0° mm 10100
Max Torque daNm 1550
Max hoist kN 84
Feed stroke mm 21000
Clamping range mm 60-225
Track shoe width mm 800
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