Designed around a new energy-saving architecture, the next generation SR-105 Blue Tech is a rig that meets the demands of productivity, flexibility and functionality across all drilling setups and technologies.

Higher performance

• Automatic control of rotary motors
• Increased extraction force
• high torque available • More power on too

More efficient

• Optimized lines to the rotary for cutting power loss
• Diesel engine – Auto low idle control for fuel saving • Main pump with Load Sensing system
• Closed circuit on main winch

Truly multipurpose

• 5 technologies: LDP, CFA, DP/TCT, TJ and CAP/CSP/VDW
• Many versions: WCS, CCS, Quick Change, 4-lines pull, the latest ETCW Direct pull and the extended versions.


• Complies with the most stringent emission rules
• Lower CO2 emissions
• Improved combustion and cooling efficiency
• Noise reduction

Proven ergonomics

Sliding door, fully adjustable pneumatic suspension seat, new joysticks and keybords

Great visibility

Polycarbonate roof and stratified front glass allow to work without protection grids, LED lights with anti-glare technology and CCTV camera system with dedicated 7” display

Most comfortable

Powerful HVAC system with recirculating air, USB port, USB or wireless phone charger mount, locked glove boxes (one is airconditioned), a large compartment for placing helmet and jacket, two dual cupholders and a file folder

Always connected!

DMS On Board 4.0 DMS PC for a complete production analysis DMS Manager a cloud service for superior fleet supervision


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