The Brand New SR-125 has been updated to the Blue Tech version which includes a redesigned operator cab, new hydraulic and mechanical systems improved for greater efficiency.

The machine has enhanced characteristics compared to the previous model, mainly in terms of the performance of the rotary head, with an increased torque value and in the main winch thanks to the adoption of a closed circuit. 

The brand new SR-125 BT in CAP/CSP version represent the top in performance and innovation for this technology.

  • The rig is capable to drill piles up to 1200 mm diameter and 28 m depth and over 30 m with 900 mm diameter.

  • The great performance of the rig is guaranteed thanks to the double independent rotary head that, assisted by the crowd-force of the crowd-winch system, assures the best production rate.

  • The conveying systems, video camera attachments, cat-walk and the Soilmec cab assure the operators comfort and safety.
Technical data

Technical data

Diesel engine T3/Stage V kW 470
Max torque kNm 496
Weight t 125