Reverse Circulation Drilling System


Reverse Circulation Drilling System (RCDS) has been developed in order to drill or socket hard rock.
The reverse circulation drilling system consists of a tool fitted with roller cutter bits, which penetrates continuously into the soil or rock by rotation, thrust and/or weight.
The RCD system is operated once the pile is bored to the top of the rock or to the maximum depth reached by the interlocking Kelly bars. Once the final depth is reached the RCD string is removed from the shaft and disassembled.


• Efficient and safe installation of the rods with fast connections.
• High penetration rate thanks to the possibility of adjusting weight on the tool either by applying the pull down or adding/removing ballasts.
• In restricted site conditions the Boring machine can perform the whole pile installation by itself without the use of a service crane.

Technical data

• Pile diameter: 1500 to 3000 mm
• Pile depth: 80 to 100 m