#8, June 2017
Soilmec Newsletter 08/2017
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Rod El Farag Project - SR-45 and SR-60 at work

The Rod El Farag Project will connect the existing ring road around Cairo with the Cairo–Alexandria Desert Highway, and it will provide an alternative route to the heavily congested roads. The Rod El Farag Highway will be approximately 35 kilometres long, with 8 lanes (4 in each direction). The highway will also have a service lane on each side, minimising the impact of disruptions and accidents on the highway. The project also includes the construction of two bridges across the River Nile, one 260 m wide and the other 180 m wide.

The piles are designed with a diameter of 1000 mm and a maximum depth of 31 m. The excavation is performed using bentonite mud and bucket tools. The project foresees the execution of more than 3000 piles. Many Soilmec rigs have been chosen for the Rod El Farag bridge and road construction project, thanks to their flexibility and fast operating capacity, especially the SR-45 and the SR-60, that are operating successfully throughout the area.

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SR-45 ADV rotary head, smart and strong

The SR-45 ADV belongs to the new blue series of Soilmec piling rigs, characterized by an innovative design set on the minimization of weight and rapidity of maintenance together with high torque performance. The rotary has been built with a lightened design, under 3 tons weight complete with cradle, and sized guaranteeing lower force losses in extraction and less obstruction on site. The rotary is equipped with hydraulic motor with axial pistons. Speed is automatically adjusted [...]

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