Soilmec Newsletter 4/2016
Dear ##NOME## here's what's new at Soilmec!

Evolution, Advanced and High Technology: solutions designed for different customer needs

True to Soilmec nature, always focused on research and innovation, we are preparing to present some important news and updates with regard to our range of products on the occasion of the next Bauma Exhibition in Munich.

The first novelty is about the division of large diameter pile rigs into three new categories: Evolution, Advanced and High Technology that we have developed in order to meet the various customers’ needs. At Bauma, we will launch BLUE, the new generation of hydraulic drills for large diameter piles, that is, SR-45, SR-75, SR-95, SR-125 and SR-145.
Following the experience and the success of the first generation, the new SR rigs are designed to enhance productivity, operational flexibility and also the comfort and safety of the operator.

Moreover, we would like to recommend you a couple of interesting innovations in the range of Heavy Duty Cranes, two new crawler cranes at work cycle, the SC-120 HD and the SC-50 HD.
Finally, we would also like to emphasize another important milestone: the construction of the 150th unit in the UAE, which confirms our leadership in the area.

While hoping you will enjoy the latest Soilmec Journal, we would like to invite you to come and visit our two-floor stand with comfortable reception areas and the well-renowned Italian hospitality in Bauma North External Arera - FN.522.

Enjoy the reading!
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