Soilmec Newsletter 6/2016
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Soilmec SR-45 ADV. Flexibility for the environment.

The innovative hydraulic drilling rig SR-45 ADV was used in the foundation construction for a commercial building using the displacement piles technique. The DP technology creates piles with increased bearing capacity without using drilling mud and with a minimum amount of spoil material ensuring the cleanest environmentally friendly construction site.

The project originally envisioned reinforced concrete piles, cast in situ, as piles foundation for a commercial building in the industrial area of Novazzano, in Ticino, located on the border between Italy and Switzerland.

Soilmec ADV rigs, all possibilities in a single machine.

The Advanced line rigs, with the two models SR-45 and SR-75, can be configured for different foundation technologies: LDP, CFA, CAP/CSP, LHR, DP, DTH, and TJ. These machines enrich Soilmec's "Solution Provider" concept: ensuring the best products and technologies to fulfill customer needs for differing soil conditions and competitive construction markets.

The SR-45 fully demonstrates the main feature of the new "Advanced" series: flexibility and ability to adapt the rig to different technologies. The SR-45 maybe equipped with kits that can perform the "classic" drilled bored piles, displacement piles, and ground improvement piles with Turbojet®.


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