Soilmec Newsletter 7/2015
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Soilmec win Health & Safety Award at GE Awards 2015

Soilmec Ltd in collaboration with Bachy Soletanche, a leading geotechnical contractor operating worldwide, collected the Health & Safety Award at the 2015 GE Awards.

The deserving winners of the 2015 GE Awards were announced on 10 June at the Hilton Park Lane, London. The GE Awards brought together over 700 leaders in consultancy and contracting in the geotechnical engineering industry for a glittering afternoon of celebration, recognition and networking.

After review by the GE panel of 43 expert judges, the Soilmec Ltd and Bachy Soletanche collaboration won in recognition of the Remote Control Unloading for Piling Rigs. Soilmec’s dedication to innovative design and the collaboration with clients in research, design and manufacture of drilling equipment has been a big step forward in the transportation of piling rigs.

The project involved developing a unique remote control solution for the loading and unloading of 20-140 ton class rigs, eliminating a number of risks to on-site teams and ensuring the safety of personnel. The Soilmec remote control tracking system requires no access to the cab and the machine panels to start the unloading procedure. The engine ignition and tracking operation are both located on a radio remote control unit.  

EN16228 Safety Improvements

Since February 2015 the safety for machinery manufacturers is becoming one of the most important aspect in the design of new piling and drilling rigs. The new European Standard EN16228-2014, in terms of safety for Drilling and Foundation equipment, is the new harmonized standard with the Machinery Directive 2006/42/CE that replaces the previous EN791 Drilling equipment - Safety and EN996 Piling Equipment - Safety.

The new code includes three main topics: a series of components and devices designed to maximize the safety of those who have to work on and around the rig, the rules for prototype & series tests and the specifications for use & maintenance information. The most notable rig improvements in the foundation field, that come together with the new Soilmec EC Kit are: the cabin footplate with frontal access ladder and the guard rails on the upper side of the machine to give a safe access for operator and maintenance operations.

A radio remote control has been specifically designed to load and download the rig from the truck without the need for the operator to remain inside the cab during these risky phases; new anchor points have been designed and located on the rigs undercarriage for machine transport. The camera and mirrors kit are properly located for 360° visibility all around the rig. Special led lights have been installed to operate in dark conditions.  PLC safety control device, additional limit switches, new rubber guard protections and automatic alarm system during the rotation of the rig upper structure are installed to increase the safety of the workers all around the machine.

The maintenance operations are facilitated thanks to a cleaning mast guide system with scrapers and a quick coupling system for conveying contaminated liquids in appropriate gatherers.
New instructions have been implemented for the new prototype test, with regard to direct and indirect visibility, noise emission, warning device and mechanical performance (load test and torque measuring) tests, and many others.
Use and maintenance rig manuals have been upgraded to guarantee the best reliability and a top quality maintenance service.

While currently the EN16228 is a code compulsory only in Europe it is expected to became soon an ISO Standard.
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