Soilmec Newsletter 8/2015
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From growth to development

We titled our last Soilmec International Dealer Meeting: “From the Age of Growth to the Age of Development”. This is to think about the transition Soilmec has been facing for some time to consolidate its market leadership. A step not to be taken for granted.

To clarify this concept, we can say that in the evolution of a human being, growth can be represented by an increase in height, weight, size, or, in general, by an increase in any quantitative parameter.

Development is instead comparable to a progressive evolution towards maturity that implies a series of qualitative changes the body needs to be fully functional. Undertaking a development path means for a company to combine the improvement of specific quantitative parameters (turnover, profit, cash flow...) with a special attention to the balance between these parameters and their sustainability in time.

The qualitative indices that help to trace the development and progress of a company are health, flexibility, control, cohesion, transparency, teamwork, and openness to change. Aligning these factors with available resources allows us to prepare for future events while not knowing in advance their contents, an approach more necessary than ever in the current climate of uncertainty.

In this issue of our Journal, we are introducing our new permanent branch in South America, Soilmec Colombia, our latest products such as the SR-45 ADV - LHR version, the SC-120 HD, and the new Drillmec G33. And do not miss our reports from construction sites around the world.

Enjoy the reading!

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