Soilmec Newsletter 9/2015
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Stabilizing a Landslide-Prone Highway

Since it was built in 1984, active landslides have plagued Highway 744 that rests above the town of Peace River, about 500 km northwest of Edmonton. The two-lane highway runs along the sloping face of a narrow ridge that separates the Peace River and Heart River valleys. Keeping this road open has been a serious challenge requiring a lot of heavy equipment.
A recent landslide was first seen to impact a 120 m section of Highway 744 when maintenance workers noticed transverse diagonal cracks in the asphalt. Both lanes of the highway continued to rapidly deteriorate and Alberta Transportation closed the road due to safety concerns. Within a few days, large sections of the highway had completely collapsed due to the shifting earth underneath the roadbed. Even though this is a relatively remote area, Highway 744 acts as a vital lifeline to the town of Peace River for the thousand cars that pass along it per day.  Alberta Transportation decided that permanently closing the highway or building an alternate highway outside the landslide area weren’t viable options.
As a long-term solution, tie-back retaining walls were selected to stabilize the landslide mass and anchor the remaining strata.  Two tie-back walls were constructed about 300 metres apart just below the damaged sections of the highway. Both walls were installed by Doublestar Drilling using Soilmec SM-14, SM-20 and SR-30 rigs.
Courtesy of Heavy Equipment Guide


Foundations in Los Angeles for Huge Staples-Adjacent Towers

1200 Fig is a massive mixed-use project retail/residential. Designed by Harley Ellis Devereaux, the project is a collaboration between developers Jamison Services and Hankey Group. The new mixed-use project will add 648 luxury residential condominiums in twin 36-story towers, which includes an 8-story parking podium wrapped in led billboard screens that the towers will be resting on.
Calex Engineering Co.’s scope on the project was to install the temporary shoring system (drill and install soldier piles, install lagging, install tiebacks, install rakers, etc.) and excavate the basement. Calex used two Soilmec drilling rig, model SR-40 and R-312. Works includes no. 196 soldier piles (7,540 LF of drilling, 24'' & 30'' shaft diameters), 46,000 square feet of shoring, no. 265 tiebacks and no. 32 rakers. 


Soilmec and Mopycsa at CONEXPO Latin America

More than 32,000 registrants from more than 90 countries attended the event, exceeding organizers’ original expectations. In addition to the host country of Chile, significant numbers of professional attendees came from throughout the region. Soilmec and Mopycsa, dealer for Spain, Portugal, Perú, Chile and Angola, showcased with a stand of 18 sqm, attended by customers from Chile, Perú, Colombia, Argentina and Venezuela for the latest information and support on construction-related equipment, products, technologies and services for Latin America. CONEXPO Latin America was held October 21-24, 2015 in Santiago, Chile (Espacio Riesco), co-located with Edifica and EXPO HORMIGÓN.
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