Newsletter #3, June 2018
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SR-65 EVO. Job site is my kingdom.

Designed following the guidelines of the new ‘blue line’ of the Soilmec rigs, the new SR-65 Evolution winks at the European market. Compact geometries, simplified structure and various technical solutions: the SR-65 EVO offers its best performances in the technologies of cased bored piles and CFA.
With a total weight of 65 tons, the new rig of Soilmec has been thought for its ease of installation and the rapid start-up on site; in fact, it can be transported with the kelly bar still mounted on the mast.
A particular attention has been given to the design of the rotary and of the crowd system, available both in the cylinder version and the winch one.
The first SR-65 EVO got its baptism of fire last February in Prague (Czech Republic). Thanks to the collaboration with Intermarket, partner of Soilmec in Czech Republic, the rig had the chance to prove itself on the jobsite. SR-65: job site is its kingdom.

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Soilmec SR-65 EVO in Prague for Rustonka Development

The job site covers a total area of 32.5mx116.5m and involves the driving of sheet piles along the perimeter of the future building and the construction of over 100 foundation piles drilled up to a depth of 24m, 15m of which are cased. From a geotechnical point of view, the job site soil is characterized by a first layer of backfill that mainly consists of gravel and debris deriving from the demolition of pre-existing structures. Then, there is a layer that is about 2 or 3m thick made of younger sediments of the Vltava river, mainly composed of clay with low plasticity and coarse and grainy sand followed by 8-10m of gravel with large grain size (between 3 and 8cm and peaks of 12cm) mixed with fine soil (silt and clay).
The lithification of these soils has led to the formation of a series of rocky layers with different thickness, mainly composed of slates, shales, siltstones, marls and sandstones that interlay the soil transversely. From the depth of 15m on, the ground is finally characterized by slate while the level of groundwater is set at about 6m.
Bored piles have a diameter of 900mm and were performed by means of the cased bored pile method. Casings were driven into the ground directly by the rotary head: this is the reason why the Soilmec hydraulic rigs SR-60 and SR-65 EVO used in the project were fitted with a winch crowd system that allows using the entire stroke available along the mast, with the direct advantage of being able to use long casing segments while driving and the possibility of extracting the whole casing in a single passage.

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