Drilling Mate System

DMS - Drilling Mate System - is a project born in the mid-90s with the aim of providing to both operator and jobsite personnel, an active instrument to control and interact with the machine (sensors, safety devices, diesel engine, drilling parameters, etc.).

Soilmec, having perceived an upcoming electronic revolution in the field of drilling machines, used the extensive experience acquired on jobsites to develop a tool that would allow the operator to manage both machine and production.


DMS is designed with the following innovative characteristics:
- full colour touch-screen suitable for the drilling field
- Diesel engine electronic control unit and machine parameters interface
- easy of troubleshooting by the operator
- a 2-PLC redundant system, for superior reliability*

Thanks to DMS PC’s software all the data collected by the machine (drilling and concreting parameters) can be displayed and processed by a PC, in order to run jobsite reports, analyze production and processing, plan machine maintenance, etc.

DMS Manager enables to control DMS remotely via radio, GSM/GPRS, Wi-Fi or satellite, as if the operator were on board the machine. It is possible to visualize all the operation and machine parameters, map positions, and perform certain operations remotely as well as to provide support to the operator or schedule maintenance.

* Only for machine in electro-proportional version

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