Soilmec is an international company leader in design, manufacture, and distribution of equipment for the ground engineering industry.
The company was established in 1969 by entrepreneur Mr. Davide Trevisani as Pali Trevisani (today known as Trevi S.p.A.). Since its inception, Soilmec has always developed safe, innovative, cutting-edge technologies and provided the construction industry the full spectrum of equipment solutions.

Soilmec equipment is used everyday on jobsites all around the world for bridges, viaducts, motorways, tunnels, underground lines, railways and buildings of all types.

We have grown enormously over these four decades. Thanks to a constantly upgraded and broadening range of products and a greatly increased production capability, we are an established landmark in the international ground engineering field.

Soilmec in figures
6 operational centres
328.000 sqm including 68.000 indoors
15 representative offices
12 subsidiary companies
45 distribution companies
1300 persons included in Soilmec activity



The man, his mind, his strength, his ability to find solutions, to deal with the unexpected, to learn from his mistakes, to teach the others and to improve. It is the man who is the real resource to invest in, even before the machines.

The team bonds are made stronger by sharing feelings: from daily hard work to the joy of the final outcome, from individual commitment to team satisfaction. A team spirit that goes beyond our organisation and domestic borders, ideally joining together more than 6,500 employees of the TREVI Group worldwide.

Thinking ahead, reaching new horizons, inventing products for markets yet to discover... an ongoing and enthralling challenge Innovation, with its good share of risk and adventure, has always found our doors open. Ideas that often seemed utopian turned out to be winning bets.



Thinking ahead

“Grey matter”, that part of the human brain that sparks new ideas and is capable of coming up with innovative solutions, often when time is short and in adverse conditions, is the real engine that drives Soilmec. Innovation, with that inevitable dose of risk and adventure, always finds an open door in this company.

Even when the Trevi Group was in its infancy, its founders have always taken the long view, investing heavily in research and development, not taking too much notice of the immediate results. Backing ideas that once sounded too risky, setting seemingly unrealistic and unattainable goals, have often turned out to be winning bets.
Thinking ahead, planning new ventures, inventing ground-breaking products for markets as yet undiscovered, this is our continuing and exciting challenge, to lay the foundations today for tomorrow’s results.


What are ideas made of? Nobody knows. But what we can be sure of is that Soilmec machines are solid, powerful and durable.

The vital inspiration starts with a meeting of minds. Soilmec technical team boasts over 90 design engineers, who are hard at work every day to develop new state-of-the-art solutions. Our engineers can also call on specially created technology tools to support the development of their designs, Soilmec has available over 50 workstations equipped with PRO Engineer design software and 5 stations with PRO Mechanics, for advanced structural and kinematical calculations.

The final vital component of design is based on experience in the field. Information about how machines behave on-site, analysed and then archived
by the latest-generation computerised monitoring and checking tools, allows engineers to study how machines react when they encounter problems in real situations, the starting point for devising new solutions, improving existing products, or designing radically new ones.


Via Dismano 5819 
47522 Cesena (FC) 
P +39 0547 319111
F +39 0547 318548

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