Continuous Flight Auger


CFA (Continuous Flight Auger) technology joins the advantages of fixed piles with the versatility of application of drilled piles. Continuous Flight Auger piles are performed with a partial soil removal, thus with a lateral soil compression that increases the final load bearing capacity. The construction procedure consists of boring the soil by means of a continuous flight auger assembled on a central hollow pipe. On completion of boring operation, auger is extracted while concrete is poured throughout the internal hollow pipe. When required, piles may be reinforced for their entire length with reinforcement cages inserted in the still wet concrete.


• The method can be utilised in a wide range of cohesive and cohesionless soils, with or without the presence of a water-bearing stratum and without bentonite fluid as wall support.
• The technology does not produce shocks, vibrations, noise, allowing to work in urban areas.
• The minimum required equipment allows to minimise the job site installation plant and to operate in very restricted areas.
• High industrial production rates can be easily reached.

Technical data

• Pile diameter: 400 to 1400 mm
• Depth: 15 to 33 m depending on soil diameter and consistency.

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