Displacement Piles


DP (Displacement piles) are performed without soil removal, thanks to drilling tools that displace the soil laterally toward the bore walls. On completion of boring operation, the drilling string and the tool are extracted while concrete is poured throughout the internal hollow pipe. The steel reinforcement cage is finally lowered into the fresh concrete.

SOILMEC discovered and patented the new compaction technology called TCT (Traction Compacting Tool) to reduce the crowd force required to perform displacement piles: It requires small size piling rigs (or it may enlarge their field of application) because the displacement process take place during the tool extraction phase.


• Minimum amount of spoil material.
• No shock and vibration during pile execution.
• No supporting fluid also in loose soils.
• Higher bearing capacity than LDP and CFA piles.
• Reduced concrete consumption.
• High daily production rate.
• Applicable to medium-large size rig models.

Technical data

• DP Pile diameter: 300 to 800 mm
• TCT Pile diameter: 400 to 800 mm
• Pile depth: 18 to 32,5 m depending on soil diameter and consistency.

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