DME (Drilling Mate Experience)

The brand new and innovative Soilmec rotary rig simulator

A containerized training center for piling rigs for both Kelly and CFA technologies

• A 3 Dof platform combined with superior graphics and jobsite sounds for a realistic simulation of the Soilmec rig behavior
• A unique space for training course (5 trainees room) and simulator
• A Soilmec customized simulator using drilling controls and seats of Soilmec Blue Tech cab
• A Soilmec customized simulator using DMS
• A VR device for loading/unloading rig on the truck and for mast raising operations.

High standard solutions and components

• Soilmec original parts: BT-cab controls, seats, DMS, radio-remote control, mast remote control
• Final application: a complete simulator installed in a 40’ HQ container capable to present the better specific training software based on Soilmec manufacturing know-how and Trevi Operator skills.

Simulation training course structure

#2 LDP Technologies: Kelly & CFA
#3 Site settings: Urban area, Civil Works & Wild area
#3 Languages: EN, IT, ES
#100 practical exercises

• Basic Training 16 ex’s (general checks, machine start-up and stopping, tramming, swinging, boom & mast movements, winches operations, rotary control)
• Transport 4 ex’s (Virtual reality)
• Assembly/Dismantling 8 ex’s (kelly, auger, bucket, CFA auger, ctw)
• Specific Operations 19 ex’s (rope motions and automatic controls such as anti-slack, Cruise control, winches synchronizations, spin-off & click-click, auger cleaner, CFA openable guides, mast foot, casing driver operations and auto-rotary)
• DMS basic 5 ex’s (kelly & CFA working operation, CFA extension sleeve controls)

LDP- KELLY training

• Placement 4 ex’s (tramming in different conditions)
• Tool Assembly 1 ex’s (Replacing auger & bucket)
• Drilling 3 ex’s (kelly locking visualization, casing driving, cage insertion)
• Drilling problems 4 ex’s (drilling tool get stuck, sucking effect, mast foot pad control, kelly elements interlocked)
• Practice cases 15 ex’s (kelly drilling in different working conditions: tool diameter, depts, soil layers, jobsite settings)

CFA training

• Placement 1 ex’s (tramming in different conditions)
• Drilling 4 ex’s (CFA drilling, manual & automatic lifting, cage insertion)
• Drilling problems 3 ex’s (auger screwing effect, mast foot pad control, over-excavation in sands)
• Practice cases 15 ex’s (CFA drilling in different working conditions: tool diameter, depts, soil layers, jobsite settings, kelly extension)

....and there's more!

• Any exercise is completed with the sequence of controls to correctly complete the task
• Any single step is replicated during the exercise execution
• Any wrong operation is indicated at the operator and recorded
• Virtual microswitches stop functions as in the reality
• Statistics of any exercise are shown at the end of the training and recorded

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